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I blame Tumblr.

HI Y'ALL. Just posting to say I'm actually alive or whatever. Just on Tumblr. (WHY DO WE ALL SUCCUMB TO THAT WEBSITE.)

Life's been pretty.... ehhhh lately. I'm having a very bad week. Had a big fight with one of my best friends, and she's finally talking to me again.... but she still hasn't apologized. And I'd rather just have it be easy and be friends with her again than make it complicated by asking for an apology... but still.
Doesn't matter much, I guess.

I STILL haven't seen Cars 2! I'm this close to just bribing my friends to go with me with the free movie tickets I have. (I have... three that I've won in the past couple months. idk how this keeps happening.) i am a terrible Pixar fan, seriously. I haven't waited this long to see a Pixar film since.... the Incredibles? Wow.

Anyway, how have you all been? I haven't talked to some of you in AGES. GET POSTIN'. I WANT TO HEAR THE DETAILS OF YOUR SUMMER.

Anybody at Comic-con? BECAUSE IF SO, I AM SO JEALOUS.