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tumblrs tumble but they don't fall down



....TEACH ME HOW TO USE THIS THING THOUGH lololol. I love how you can make fast/short posts though. Give me your usernames and stuff.

IN OTHER NEWS, Halloween tomorrow! What are you guys doing?

Ow, videogaming hurts.

This weekend has been awesome. my mom needs to study for law school, so I've been trying to keep out of her hair by finding stuff to do. So yesterday was Movie Day (Princess and the Frog, Up, and Anastasia) and today was GAMER DAY YEAAAAH.

I haven't played my ps2 in over a year. (1 and a half to 2ish?) Poor neglected thing. So it took a million years to set up because it refused to accept my discs (which weren't scratched up or smudgy) or play sound, or... work properly. But I got it working, and went straight to replaying KH2 from the beginning. EEEEE <333
(i'm wearing my keyblade necklace and everything, lol /dork)

I'm sooo not used to playing this, though. My right hand is all cramped up and owwww. SO MUCH FUN THOUGH.

Random question for y'all: Pancakes or Waffles?

do do dooo


i am excite
so excite

In OTHA NEWS, still trying to finish my costume. Only 13 more days oh gawdz. And I got an awesome new mood theme, HOORAY.  By arielstreasures yaaaaay!

Been reading spoilers a lot lately. Weird, seeing as I'm such a spoiler phobe normally. But yeah, I know everything about Tangled and Pokemon BW and stuff.. It's been tempting to spoil Monsters of Men for myself, because god, getting a copy is taking SO LONG, but I'm going to resist. Or try to. orz. What about you, f-list? Spoilers, yay or nay?

There is a character in the book I'm reading named Captain Hammar.

This has made my day.

(The Chaos Walking series is amazing and you should read it.)


hahahahha i have a cold and am delusional haha

1. Baths are all relaxing and stuff. Showers are like AAHHH WATER SHOOTING AT MY FACE.

go read markreadsharrypotter now
this song will never leave

People aiming frisbees at your head in PE= not fun, for the record.

ANYWAYS. So I've been planning for this Halloween party at D-Land, and I have changed costumes a million and a half times, but now I have bought it and whats done is DONE. Long story short, i went to the disney outlet and decided to get the Giselle wedding gown they had, despite it being too big for me, (It was an XL. I am a small. Yeaaah. BUT IT WAS SO SPARKLEEEEYY.) I was still feeling a little anxious/uncertain while the guy was wrapping up the crown for me (I had already bought the necklace in January for 13 bucks. It's 22 now. Score.) and then, over the speakers, I hear
"Come all my little friends, as we all sing the happy working song~"
And knew that this was MEANT TO BEEE. hahaha. I'm so cheesey. So we're going to fix it up a bit for accuracy and fit. I'm actually really glad it's too big, because the original costume is... weird. The length is really off, and stuff. But the sleeves are perfect. <3
Gonna get some petticoats/new gloves and a couple extra details. I FEEL LIKE CINDERELLA WITH HER PINK DRESS. haha
I'm glad we went for this- it was only 35 + the crown, compared to a blue Belle dress I was really about to buy that was pretty badly made for 125, or this really gorgeous Esmeralda costume waaay out of my budget... Plus, It's 50 dollars for a ticket. Each.

Anyways, SO YEP THATS HOW MAH LIFE IS GOIN. Reading The Knife of Never Letting Go right now. Sooo good. Oh, and watching Birth By Sleep on youtube. DON'T SPOIL ME. /fistshake

A Very Potter Reviewsical

SO AS YOU MIGHT KNOW: A Very Potter Sequel premiered tonight! If you have not seen A Very Potter Musical, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.
Anyways, beyond the ~cuuuut!~ Is a review and some FAAAANART. It's spoilery  so beware.

it tastes like piiiiineapple

Nom nom nom smoothie nom.
I spent the day A. Going to Chuck E Cheese and having a hell of a lot more fun then i should of, B. Cooing at birds and mice at Petsmart, and C. Gettin' my nails did (for the first time ever!)
This has been the most fun day all summer, lololol.
Tomorrow I'm going to be driving out to see Waking Sleeping Beauty. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE WAITED TO SEE THIS FILM? GOD DAMN.
It looks amazing and I know it will be the best documentary I have ever seen *u*~

ANYWAYS. How did your day go, fabulous people?

in other news, i am awkward

KAY SO. HI ONTD_PIXAR KIDS. As you may have noticed, I have never actually posted here ever. Because I am a lazy slug. But now, that will change. For you. And you! And you! But not you.


(the walrus said)

Anyways, tell me about you, darling Pixarites (and the three of you I know from elsewhere)
Any shows you're watching? Movies you hate? Anime conventions? (if any of you are going to Comic-con, spill.) POKEMOOOONNN???

Just go ahead and rant to me and we will rant together and it will be wonderful.